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“The carefully and beautifully presented record of the life of a talented and influential American poet.” - Ted Kooser

“To read these poems is to look through a newly washed window; the world is strangely bright and, at the same time, frighteningly familiar. This is a difficult effect to achieve - one that only succeeds when it is not an effect, but something effortless. In [Brown's] hands, effort is invisible.” - Judith Kitchen, The Georgia Review

“Reading a poem by Brown is a lesson in how to read one's life, how each small thing, each seemingly casual detail, is in fact connected to perceptions and understandings of profound significance that we can all divine if only we calm our vision enough to fully experience the perishing present.” - World Literature Today ”                            

What’s New
• Fleda’s "The Woods Are On Fire: New & Selected Poems", will be out in March 2017! It’s in the Ted Kooser Contemporary Poetry Series from University of Nebraska Press.
• Fleda has an essay, “Mirrored Transoms" in River Teeth, 17 (Spring 2016), a poem, “Bees” in If Bees Are Few: A Hive of Bee Poems, Ed. James Lenfestey, 2016; an essay, “My Wobbly Bicycle, 29, in Creating Nonfiction, ed. Jen Hirt and Erin Murphy, 2016; a poem, “Edward Hopper’s Automat in Southern Poetry Review (53:2), a poem, “Snoring,” in The Georgia Review (Fall 2015)

In the Media:
• Vandal poem of the day, “Dancing at Your Wedding.”
• Image Journal’s Poetry Friday, “Poverty of Spirit.”
• Check this out! Fleda is interviewed by Lia Purpura in
• “Putting Obstructions Along Your Poem’s Path,” Craft Tip in March 2014 Poetry Newsletter.
• Fleda talks about writing on How A Poem Happens,