Now everything’s shifted. We pretend there’s some solidity, some predictability. But being alive is more like riding a bicycle, balancing on two thin tires. Eventually we’ll fall one way or the other, but for the moment, we’re upright. It’s exciting, sometimes frightening. I remember learning to ride, my father holding me on a grown-up bike, wooden blocks on the pedals so I could reach them. The fear of handling something too big for me.”                            

Click here to order My Wobbly Bicycle. All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Cowell Cancer Center, Traverse City, MI.

What’s New
• Fleda’sThe Woods Are On Fire: New & Selected Poems, will be out in March 2017! It’s in the Ted Kooser Contemporary Poetry Series from University of Nebraska Press.
• Fleda has an essay, “Mirrored Transoms" in River Teeth, 17 (Spring 2016), a poem, “Bees” in If Bees Are Few: A Hive of Bee Poems, Ed. James Lenfestey, 2016; an essay, “My Wobbly Bicycle, 29, in Creating Nonfiction, ed. Jen Hirt and Erin Murphy, 2016; a poem, “Edward Hopper’s Automat in Southern Poetry Review (53:2), a poem, “Snoring,” in The Georgia Review (Fall 2015)

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