If you agree with me that a poem can be as bountiful as a rich Victorian narrative; and as wise—that is, confusedly, shoulder-shruggingly wise—as the scrolls of the ancient sages; and can elegize, but still sparkle; and can sparkle, while still admitting the seam of darkness that worms its way through things; and can demonstrate how politics and domesticity share a common border; and can understand how classical culture and popular culture are equally sustaining pools; and can make a recipe of mordancy and tenderness; and might have the best footnote in history; and can toss off, almost casually, the kinds of lines that—even divorced from context—might be swung overhead like parade batons, like circus torches, like tribal bull-roarers . . . then you’ll want to join me here in the “Wow, I Like No Need of Sympathy Club.” Your membership fee is the same as your membership privileges: this book.”                            

--Albert Goldbarth

What’s New
No Need of Sympathy, (BOA Editions, 2013) has been nominated for the Kingsley Tufts Award, the William Carlos Williams Award, and the UNT Rilke Prize. A poem in this collection has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
• Fleda’s essay, “Strong Brown God,” won the 2013 New Letters Award for the essay and is published in Vol. 80, No. 2.
• Fleda has an essay, “Art and Buddhism: Looking for What’s True,” in a new textbook (Culture: A Reader for Writers published by Oxford University Press), edited by John Mauk that began from her blog post, http://fledabrown.com/2012/01/1082/
• New Poems:  in Crab Orchard Review, Vol 18.1 (2 poems), in Miramar (4 poems)

In the Media:
• Check this out! Fleda is interviewed by Lia Purpura in Bookslut.com. http://www.bookslut.com/features/2013_08_020211.php
• “Putting Obstructions Along Your Poem’s Path,” Craft Tip in March 2014 Poetry Newsletter. http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=b0c147095e2161bc8d239ea79&id=5cc2127719
• Fleda talks about writing on How A Poem Happens, http://howapoemhappens.blogspot.com/