Devil’s Child

Devil’s Child
Carnegie-Mellon University Press 1998

“This dark, ambitious narrative full of voices, echoes and whispers of anguish is deftly plotted and carefully crafted. Here is a challenging poetry of action and remembrance and the sheer, downright, daily human grotesque. But it is also a poetic sequence that does something altogether more difficult: it holds our interest and its own lyric balance at one and the same time. It compels the sort of music from pain which is hard to forget.”

—Eavan Boland

“….this book represents an impressive effort. It shows how poetry can enter intrepidly into areas more often reserved to the novel: the most sordid aspects of human behavior.”


“…I trust I’ve made it clear how highly I regard these poems. To take a character whom most would think either deranged or so deeply damaged as to be irreparable—in any case, so extreme as to deserve only that sensationalistic attention found in TV “magazines”—and instead to see her involvement with the broader range of humanity seems to me a splendid achievement.”

—W. D. Snodgrass [from the Foreword]